Bosch Cordless Jig Saw

Bosch is among our favorite brands here at Tools In Action. Bosch stands behind a mission to lead the world in the design and manufacturing of power tools and power tool accessories. The Bosch Power Tools Division releases over 100 products each year, each designed with professional tradespeople in mind. The new 18V Bosch Cordless Jig Saw (GST18V-50N) is next in their lineup of high-performing power tools looking to become a staple amongst carpenters, tilers, masons, and experienced DIY’ers.

Bosch Cordless Jig Saw Overview

The Bosch 18V Cordless Jig Saw, like all jig saws, is designed to make manually controlled, curved, irregular, and intricate cuts through sheet materials such as wood, plastic, metal, ceramic, porcelain, and more. This model promises corded performance from a battery-powered tool. It has a 4.9 in. cutting capability in wood, a speed cut rate of up to 3,500 strokes per minute (spm), and a high-efficiency, long-life brushless motor to name just a few top features.

Overview of stats and features:

  • Battery-powered functionality coupled to a brushless motor
  • Up to 3,500 spm
  • Variable-speed control dial, plus feathering speed-control trigger
  • Four-orbital action settings
  • Die-cast aluminum footplate with no-mar plastic overshoe accessory
  • Tool-free T-shank blade change
  • LED near the blade
  • T-shank blade
  • Weight: 4.4 lbs.
  • Up to three-year warranty

Let’s take a deeper look at all of these and more.

Bosch Cordless Jig Saw Features

Bosch Cordless Jig Saw

The Bosch Cordless Jig Saw is typically sold as a bare tool. For our purposes, we powered it with a Bosch CORE18V 4.0Ah battery (GBA18V40) and ran it with the included T-shank jig saw blade.

This jig saw weighs less than five pounds and has dimensions of 8.46 in. X 3.1 in. X 8.5 in. It is equipped with a high-efficiency brushless motor designed to last longer than older motor models.

The Bosch Cordless Jig Saw relies on the Bosch CORE18V batteries. These batteries feature CoolPack 2.0 technology for heat management, leading to longer runtimes and increased lifespan. These batteries’ 21700 cell technology is the most advanced in the industry, with nearly 50% more energy capacity than competing 18650 cell technology.

Bosch Cordless Jig Saw

The Bosch Cordless Jig Saw lock switch prevents accidental starts. It is convenient and easy to locate just above the trigger. The handle has a rubber overmold on top making for a comfortable grip.

The orbital action selector lever allows you to adjust the orbital motion speed best suited to the material you are cutting.

The selector operates on a scale of zero to three. The higher the setting the more orbital action the tool produces.

This Bosch Cordless Jig Saw offers a second means of speed control. The speed feathering trigger allows you to set your speed from one (low) to six (high). Six provides a max speed of up to 3,500 spm.

This jig saw has an LED light to illuminate the cutting path. Because, when using a jig saw, it is always helpful to be able to see what and where you are cutting.

Bosch Cordless Jig Saw

For dust management, the Bosch Cordless Jig Saw has a few options. A built-in dust blower can be used. A detachable dust hood (pictured above) is also provided. The detachable dust hood inhibits sawdust from flying up while in use.


The provided dust extraction outlet can be easily installed and then connected to a vacuum hose to pull dust away completely.

The die-cast aluminum footplate is 6.5″ x 3″ and can be paired with the non-marring overshoe to minimize scuffing. Bosch also includes an Anti-Splinter insert (not pictured).

Bosch designed this jig saw to be able to switch blades fast, easily, and tool-free. Users just need to turn the tool off and remove the battery, then safely switch blades manually.

Bosch Cordless Jig Saw Performance

The Bosch 18V Cordless Jig Saw has great cutting power and maneuverability. The handle has a good grip. The stability from the ample footplate allows users a secure and confident feeling when cutting. Adjusting the speed and orbital action is straightforward with several setting combination options.

The built-in blower, dust extractor accessory, and LED light all make sure a user can clearly see where they are cutting in a variety of conditions.

Lastly, we can’t skip over the performance of this battery-powered saw. While the Bosch CORE18V batteries are not included, they make this cordless jig saw nearly indistinguishable from a corded rival.

Bosch Cordless Jig Saw Value

Right now, the Bosch 18V Cordless Jig Saw retails for $159 at Lowes. This price lands in the middle when compared to other comparable, cordless jig saws. At this point, it can come down to brand preference. However, the Bosch Cordless Jig Saw is a professional-grade tool and less expensive than similar models made by Milwaukee, RIDGID, DEWALT, and Makita.

Bosch Cordless Jig Saw Wrap Up

The Bosch Cordless Jig Saw ticks all the boxes of what to look for in a jig saw: adequate power, maneuverability, easy to adjust, cuts a variety of materials, and multiple features for a clear line of sight. It’s a professional-grade power tool but simple enough for almost anyone to use. So, it’s perfect for professionals and serious DIY’ers, and an especially great tool for anyone invested in the Bosch CORE18V battery system.


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