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Metabo MetaBox Tool Box

The Metabo Metabox modular tool box system recently launched in the USA, following well after its debut in Europe, and only in a single size that I can find.

In the context of all of the new modular tool storage systems out there, it seems odd for just this one size to launch at USA retailers, but maybe more are on the way.

Even if not, maybe all you want is a single shallow tool box for a drill and impact driver, jig saw, installation tools, hand tools, jigs, or similar.

The Metabo Metabox 145 measures 15.59″ x 11.66″ x 5.72″ on the outside, and has interior dimensions of 14.94″ x 10.56″ x 4.31″. The load capacity is said to be 278.5 lbs.

It features two closure latches, plus a single rotary latch for connecting stacked Metabox tool boxes together.

Metabo says it has IP43-rated protection against dust and moisture.

Price: $34.99

Additional sizes only seem to be available via international vendors.

Before you groan about yet another modular tool box system, $35 is much lower than average for a tool box like this, and it seemed worth mentioning. Not everyone needs a full range of tool box options, sometimes a shallow tool box – or a couple of shallow tool boxes – are all someone might be looking for.

It’s unclear why only just this size is now available here. If the full line launches in the USA as well, hopefully the pricing will be similarly affordable.

Here’s Metabo’s promo video:


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