Chemical Hoses, Anti Corrosive Hoses

PureFlex designs and manufactures several types of hoses and fittings. Every product is manufactured, assembled and tested.

PureFlex FlexChem is the company’s signature hose. FlexChem is a versatile, rubber-covered FEP-lined transfer hose. It is designed for full flow applications that require maximum flexibility and minimum weight high purity.

• Ultra-Pure
• Chemical Resistant
• Hoses
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Corrosive Chemical & Acid Resistant Suction rubber hose pipe in concentrations of up to 35% manufactured in synthetic EPDM rubber tube reinforced with high tensile synthetic textile fabric plies or tyre cord with helical steel wire plus a copper wire used as chemical resistant suction hose for corrosive chemicals delivery and corrosive fluids discharge in agricultural chemical plants, liquid fertilizer industries, septic handling, pharmaceutical factories for discharge of chemicals supplied exceeding IS 7654 Type 2 standards produced by HIC Universal India exporters of chemical suction hoses to France, USA, Japan, Germany, UK, Switzerland, UAE, Taiwan, Sweden, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Australia, Israel, China

Types of resistive pipes

Steam Oil Water Discharge Concrete Pressure Rubber Hose Pipes , Water Delivery hose pipe,Food Grade Drinking Water hose,Hot Water hose,Potable Water Suction Neoprene hose pipe,Car Washing hose,Straight Radiator hose,Carbon Free hosepipe,Nonconductive Furnace Coolant hose,Water Blast High Pressure hose,Lay-Flat Water Discharge hose,Armored Water Suction & Discharge hose,Mine Water Suction & Delivery hose,Rock Drill Jackhammer hose,Slurry Suction hose,Low Temperature Rubber Steam hose,Food Grade Steam hose,High Pressure Steam EPDM hose,Air Compressor hose,Pneumatic Tool Braided hose,Nitrogen Air hose,Paint Spray hose,Drilling Mud hose,Bulker Unloading Fly Ash hose,Concrete Pump hose,Sand Blasting hose pipe,Concrete Vibrator hose,Bitumen Transfer hose,Welding Oxygen hose pipe,Acetylene Welding hose,Propane Gas Welding hose,Corrosive Chemical & Acid Resistant Suction hose,Dry Chemical Transfer hose,Caustic Soda Concentrated Suction & Unloading hose,Phosphoric Acid Suction & Discharge hose,Interlock Metallic Flexible hose,Foam Water Pressure Fire Rubber hose,Flow Pressure Control Ball Check Non Return Valves

The inner layer of chemical hoses is usually made of EPDM or EPM rubber, Viton, polyamide, polyethylene UPE, fluoropolymers (PTFE, PFA, MFA, FEP). They are reinforced with textile cord or braid, if necessary, with steel wire helix in the case of suction delivery hoses.  The outer layer is made of rubber resistant to external factors.

Couplings and fittings intended for chemical hoses (see INDUSTRIAL FITTINGS) must be corrosion resistant the same as their sealing. The fittings are mounted using worm-drive clamps, bolt screw clamps or crimped with ferrules.

Other hoses suitable for the transfer of chemical substances are available in the following groups: general purpose hosesfood hoseshoses for petroleum products, ducting hoses, composite and metal hoses, PTFE and silicone hoses, tubing for peristaltic pumps and Tygon tubing as well as in HIGH PRESSURE SECTION in thermoplastic hoses group.

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