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In various states of Uae, we provide these High Nickel Alloy Pipes & Tubes in unique ranges at the most affordable prices. The High Nickel Alloy Pipes & Tubes that we manufacture come in a variety of sizes, grades, specifications, types, dimensions, thickness, etc. Our Monel 400 Pipes & Tubes come in a variety of shapes, including round, square, rectangular, hydraulic, and more, and are offered in standard diameters ranging from 1 / 2′′NB TO 150″NB IN. These High Nickel Alloy Pipes and Tubes are available from us in single random lengths, double random lengths, and cut lengths.

20 • 200/201 • 400 • 600 • 625 • 800H/HT • 835 • C276 • C22


Size: 1/2”to 36” Schedules STD through XXH (and heavier)

Arm-Tex is a proud distributor of Weco® wing unions that were the original hammer or wing union providing quick make up of pipe sections for tight seals. We offer the complete product line of standard and sour gas pipe connectors, ranging in size from one inch to 12 inches and in the following psi: low-pressure service – 1,000 to 2,000, medium pressure models – 2,000 to 4000, and high-pressure unions – 6,000 to 20,000 psi.

Manufactured using only the finest raw materials, tooling procedures, and heat-treating techniques available, each Weco Hammer union is carefully inspected to assure long, dependable service in the most extreme conditions. Materials meet ASTM and AISI standards.

The following include some of the many benefits of Weco wing unions:

  1. Choice of end connections
  2. Color-coded for quick connection
  3. Fast make-up and break-out
  4. Interchangeable parts
  5. Non-pressure seal connection
  6. Positive sealing designs

The valve is a manually operated ball valve used to close the bore of the drill string and stem to flow. Drill stem valves facilitate well control and prevent mud spillage.

The valve is placed in the top of drill string, right below the top drive. When abnormal situations occur and the pressure limit is exceeded, the driller can close the valve to stabilize the pressure and avert a potential kick. 

The basic performance requirements of a kelly-valve are:

  1. Repeated operation in drilling mud
  2. Closing to shut off a mud flow from the drill string
  3. Sealing over the design range of temperature and tension load conditions

A drill line is a wire cable that forms part of the operating system of an oil rig or derrick. These lines consist of multiple wire rope components twisted together to form a thick, strong assembly. The line may be galvanized or coated to protect it from the corrosive environment typically found around oil wells. The drill line plays an important role in allowing these rigs to drill holes or pump oil and gas from the earth, and helps to facilitate the up-and-down motion of the drill.

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