FiberGlass Lighting Pole – Fixed Mast Poles

We are  engaged in the design and supply of High masts with a very wide usage field for lighting purposes in squares, intersections and roundabouts, sea-ports, airports, sports areas, bus terminals, historical and touristic places, etc.

Fixed Mast systems are suitable for High structures up to 70m and offer Maximum flexibility for big top-loads. These fixed Mast Systems can accommodate large quantities of floodlights and are accessible by fixed ladders or manrider elevator systems to an upper platform, with further maintenance access to the floodlights via ladders.

High masts can be manufactured as single-direction, two-direction and circular multi-directional types according to floodlight orientation, depending on the customer’s requirements.



High masts are manufactured at various sizes, and the pole may have one galvanized polygonal section steel body or more than one steel bodies joined by the slip-joint method.

High masts are available in various types, which include platform (PL), step bolts and Rungs (PM), ladder with safety cage (KM), internal ladder (IM), man power lift system (AS) types.

Galvanised steel poles produced by Streetscape are computer designed based on up-to-date technologies and meet the customer requirements of quality, safety and durability.


High Mast Structure

Standard Height of High Mast12, 12.5, 16, 20, 25 30 Meter
High Mast TypePolygonal Continuously Tapered
No of SectionAs per Design
Carriage Lifting SystemThree Rope / Two Rope
Length of each SectionMax 12 Meter
Cross section of High Mast12-20 sided polygonal
Lightning ArrestorMounting at the top


MaterialHT Steel


Metal protection treatmentHot Dip Galvanized
Average thickness of galvanizationAvg 65-85 Micron

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