Hydraulic Plug Mandrel

The Hydraulic Plug Mandrel is effective in holding pipe “out-of-roundness” to a minimum. It allows more degrees of bend, without wrinkles, to be made with 6″ (168mm) through 20″ (508mm) diameter pipe than with other type mandrels. It is easily convert pipe size and wall thickness range within the model’s size. It’s simple, robust design reduces maintenance requirements .This mandrel works with our standard bending machine and they are also able to work on independent hydraulic power source.

Why choose product?
Hydraulic Disc Mandrels available in sizes 6″-20″.
Simple, robust design reduces maintenance requirements.
Product Features
Mandrels can be operated off the pipe bending system
Disc Design will self-adjust to all wall thicknesses from 6.4 mm to 15 mm per diameter.
Gives a 360 degree support to the inside surface of the pipe.

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