lattice girder for tunnel reinforcing support

A lattice girder for tunnel construction, comprised of a bottom steel bar, top steel bar and a supporting member, and manufacturing method are provided to improve the quality and strength of products. CONSTITUTION: A lattice girder for tunnel construction comprises first and second lower steel bars(210,220), a top steel bar(100) and a supporting member. The first and second lower steel bars are expanded with a predetermined distance each other. The top steel bar is located on the upper side, separated from the bottom steel bar, and expanded in the longitudinal direction of the bottom steel bar. The supporting member interlinks and supports the top steel bar and bottom steel bar.


  1. Two types of design: 3-bar or 4-bar, for different force requirements.
  2. Flexible design with different dimensions available.
  3. Entirely integrated in the shotcrete lining.
  4. Avoid porous zones and shotcrete spray shadows.


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