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In various states of Uae, we provide these High Nickel Alloy Pipes & Tubes in unique ranges at the most affordable prices. The High Nickel Alloy Pipes & Tubes that we manufacture come in a variety of sizes, grades, specifications, types, dimensions, thickness, etc. Our Monel 400 Pipes & Tubes come in a variety of shapes, including round, square, rectangular, hydraulic, and more, and are offered in standard diameters ranging from 1 / 2′′NB TO 150″NB IN. These High Nickel Alloy Pipes and Tubes are available from us in single random lengths, double random lengths, and cut lengths.

20 • 200/201 • 400 • 600 • 625 • 800H/HT • 835 • C276 • C22


Size: 1/2”to 36” Schedules STD through XXH (and heavier)


High-temperature resistant premium 32 mm (internal diameter) DAMPF TRIX 6000 OIL steam hose from Continental. It is made of extremely heat resistant EPDM and has a maximum saturated steam working temperature and pressure of 210 °C and 18 bar. It has a minimum bend radius of 320 mm. The outer hose layer is resistant to oil. It is suitable for transporting steam in the most extreme working conditions in the chemical, petrochemical and construction industries. The EPDM is reinforced with 2 steel wire braids giving the hose excellent resistance to abrasion. The outer EPDM layer is perforated to ensure no cover bubbles or blisters form. Steam exists in different states, wet saturated steam, dry saturated steam and superheated steam, dependent on the operating pressure and temperature. Superheated steam can damage steam hoses, therefore please look at our technical articles for more information on the relation between operating pressure, temperature and steam. This hose is sold at a pre-cut length of 10 m, we also offer rolls with a length of 40 m. Hose conforms to DIN EN ISO 6134-2 B standard.

we are  the best  hose on the market today.  Oil-Shield is 100% rubber with a Nitrile core and Nitrile cover giving Oil-Shield a Class A Oil-Resistance rating.  The best oil resistance rating possible.  Oil-Shield unlike other heavy and stiff rubber air hoses is 30% lighter than traditionally made rubber hoses, more flexible & stronger.  It is the perfect shop hose where hoses come in contact with oil, diesel fuel, gas, cleaning agents and anything else found in shops including welding spatter and grinding sparks


The hoses and hose assemblies are used for the extraction and processing of petroleum, transfer, loading and unloading of liquid petroleum products (e.g. oil tankers in ports, tank trucks, rail tankers), oils and fuels distribution as well as refuelling (e.g. petrol pump hoses, heating oil delivery hoses), technological processes in industry, vehicle fuel systems, hydraulic installations, etc.

When selecting the hose, consider the following: its resistance to the specific content of aromatic hydrocarbons in fuel,  resistance to special modern fuel additives and oil additives (unleaded fuel, biodegradable fuel, transformer oils) and any special requirements concerning the protection against static charges build-up (copper wire, antistatic rubber,  conductive rubber), especially in potentially explosive zones.

Couplings and fittings intended for petroleum hoses (see INDUSTRIAL FITTINGS) should be mounted with worm- drive clamps, bands and bolt clamps or crimped with ferrules using crimping machines.

For more hoses suitable for the transfer of petroleum products, see the following groups: general purpose hoses, chemical hoses, PTFE hoses, TYGON® tubing, composite hoses and steel hoses and in HIGH PRESSURE section.

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