Pipe Facing Machine with Power units

Pipe facing machine is used to produce clean, bright, perfect bevels for manual pipeline welding to maximize quality and minimize repairs

Pipe Facing Machine
Hydraulic Power Units for Pipe Facing Machine
Available for pipe size from 6” to 60”.
Capable to accurate bevel ends for welding and also used for transition cuts with proper attachments.
Best use for heavy wall thickness pipe.
Accuracy in minimum bevel angle.
Precise feed control for metering depth of cut
Available with four main components.
Expander section
Hydraulic manifold
Pipe facing section
Radial arm
Help perfect and clean bevel for pipe welding to maximize quality and minimize NDT repairs.
Help reduce manual bevelling time and save manpower up to 80%.
Counter bore to facilitate pipe wall thickness changes (Boring tool is optional).
Used to power the pipe facing machine.
Contains Diesel engine, Reservoir, Main pump, Feed pump, PRV, Gauges, Filter and Hoses.
Provided with QRC for quick disconnect and connect.
Comes with various options as required.

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