Pneumatic Internal Line Up clamp – Copper Backup

Pneumatic Internal Clamp in various forms, such as Pneumatic Internal Clamp Self Propelled, Pneumatic Internal Clamp Non Self and pneumatic internal clamp copper backup. copper backup pneumatic clamp is a precious equipment. copper backup pneumatic clamp is used by the professionals. Copper backup pneumatic clamp comes with copper backup ring so as to provide you the best and pure welding result.

Why choose product?
Pipe Welding Internal Pneumatic Clamp copper backup ensures quick and accurate alignment of two joints of pipe during pipe welding operation.
Pipe welding pneumatic lineup clamp’s front and read heads operate independently to lock the clamp onto the pipe into position, realise accurate alignment of pipe joints quickly and efficiently.
Copper back up ring assembly is provided for proper welding of pipe.
The ring assembly provided in the internal lineup clamp provides totally separate from the front and read pipe clamping mechanism.
The innovative design of the pneumatic pipe welding clamp ensures that each copper shoe gets in contact with the internal surface of the pipe.
Pneumatic internal line up clamp designing decreases the time for pipe fit-up and eliminates errors such as lowering of the copper shoes during pipe welding cycle.
Pipe welding self alignment is additionally provided with an additional mechanism to prevent pipe misalignment.
Polyurethane / nylon wheels are provided with an additional mechanism to prevent pipe misalignment with the pneumatic internal lineup clamp
The pipe welding pneumatic internal lineup clamp is easily adjustable for different pipe wall thicknesses.
Conversion kits for pipe welding and alignment pneumatic internal lineup clamp are available at extra cost.
Pipe welding pneumatic internal lineup clamp self-propelled is equipped with pneumatic motor which travels through the pipe of the next joint.
Pipe welding internal pneumatic lineup clamp is available for pipe sizes from 16″ to 60″.

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