Milwaukee Packout XL Cooler

Milwaukee Tool has long been regarded as one of the best makers of hand tools, power tools, and workspace equipment. But what about their coolers? The latest Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler is a second attempt by Milwaukee to stand out in an area that you probably don’t first consider them: coolers. There are plenty of brands out there that specialize in quality coolers. However, Milwaukee products are made for the job site and the work crew. Let’s take a look at the new Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler and what it provides as a specialty cooler.

Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler Overview

The Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler (Model #48-22-8462) is a 40 qt. cooler made for the Milwaukee PACKOUT storage system. If you don’t already know, this is Milwaukee’s modular storage system for tools and job site accessories. This is the second cooler made by Milwaukee. In 2020, Milwaukee came out with another Milwaukee PACKOUT Cooler, a 16 qt. cooler and the first cooler made for the Milwaukee PACKOUT system. The Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler more than doubles the size of the previous model, same durability, and has some new features that make it great for work with a large crew.

Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler Features

The Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler’s exterior is made from an impact-resistant polymer. It’s a very hard shell and has an IP65 protection rating. Drop it, leave it out during a storm, toss a wrench at it, or even launch it into a lake. This cooler will hold its shape and its seal. So it is perfect for taking to job sites.

It’s well insulated with claims that it can keep ice cold for up to five days. This is a large cooler with dimensions of 16.93 in. x 16.14 in. x 22.17 in. There is tons of room for holding drinks, lunches, and more…

Milwaukee Packout XL Cooler

The large metal latches have a very secure hold when locked into place. You don’t need to worry about the top coming open or off when it’s bouncing around in the back of your truck.

Milwaukee Packout XL Cooler

Equipped with a bottle opener on the front. You might now be considering taking this cooler with you on your next vacation or tailgate.

Milwaukee Packout XL Cooler

The metal reinforcements on each corner help keep the Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler sturdy and also make it easy to grab and drag.

The 2 in. fold-away handles have rubberized, non-slip grips. When down the handles rest under the lid to keep the cooler compact for storing and moving.

Milwaukee Packout XL Cooler

The drain plug on the left side makes it easy to empty out melted ice and secure enough to keep water contained when needed.

Again, this is part of the Milwaukee PACKOUT storage system where each modular component fits and locks into place. Aside from the white lid, the Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler looks close to the 22 in. Milwaukee PACKOUT XL tool box. Just like the 22 in. tool box, the cooler has the same full base size. It sits well on top of the PACKOUT Rolling Tool Box. The original, smaller 16 qt. Milwaukee PACKOUT Cooler width is half of that.

Milwaukee Packout XL Cooler

Open the cooler for a few more items. Similar to the 16 qt. model, there is a dry storage bin. It’s obviously bigger than in the smaller model and covers half the width of the cooler interior.

One of my favorite new additions is the cutting board divider. It fits nicely within the cooler and to the side of the dry storage bin. So, both fit in the cooler at the same time. Obviously, the cutting board can be removed if you prefer to put lunch together on the job or at a potluck.

Milwaukee Packout XL Cooler

The dry storage bin is easily removable and washable.

Milwaukee Packout XL Cooler

The actual internal storage space depth is 12 in. An ample size cooler to be filled with food, drinks, ice, or whatever you need.

Milwaukee Packout XL Cooler

The rubber seal on the lid of the Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler keeps the air out and the cold in. The seal is secure when closed.

Milwaukee Packout XL Cooler

The cooler has a smooth open/close with added durability from the metal rod secured hinges.

Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler Performance

We tested the Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler out. We could easily fit your average-sized water bottles and soda cans while still having plenty of room for the dry storage bin to fit. It’s nice how between the dry storage bin and cutting board divider you have three separate compartments. Even though this is intended to be a worksite cooler, the cutting board, bottle opener, durability, and ability to keep ice cold for five days make it versatile enough for camping, potlucks, family get-togethers, and more.

Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler Value

Milwaukee Tool proves they can do more than the traditional tools and equipment they are known for. But is it worth it? There is no question that the Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler is more expensive than some of the other coolers available. However, when compared to other models of similar size and durability, the Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler maintains a competitive price while offering additional features. The Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler (Model #48-22-8462) is available at The Home Depot.

ORCA offers a durable 40 qt. cooler, but at a much higher price. TUNES2GO has wheels and a built-in Bluetooth PA system but doesn’t match the Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler in terms of jobsite durability.

The lack of wheels on the Milwaukee PACKOUT XL can be criticized, but again, this cooler is part of the Milwaukee PACKOUT storage system. Most people who invest in the PACKOUT storage system already have the Milwaukee PACKOUT Rolling Tool Box or 20 in. 2-Wheel Utility Cart. At a minimum, this is a great addition to anyone already invested in the Milwaukee PACKOUT storage system.

Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler Wrap Up 

So, Milwaukee Tool has done it again. They introduced a new product, one that most people don’t commonly associate with them, and I think they knocked it out of the park. The Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler is impact-resistant, keeps ice cold a whole work week, is large, and has multiple compartments and functionality. As I mentioned above, this is a great addition to anyone invested in and loves the Milwaukee PACKOUT storage system, whether you are a construction worker with a large crew, or the handyman taking the family camping for the weekend.


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