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The Flange Weld Tester is used to hydrotest the integrity of new welds where a Weld(ing) Neck or Slip On flange has been added to a pipeline.

When a new flange has been welded to a pipeline, traditionally the method used to prove the integrity of a weld would involve flooding the pipeline in order to hydrotest. This is time consuming and costly, and often it is impossible, to fill a whole pipe system with e.g. demineralised water.

The Flange Weld Tester overcomes this problem, because he creates a chamber around the weld and only that chamber is tested.

Used to provide accurate localised hydrostatic pressure testing of flange welds on pipeline installations, modifications and pipework repairs. These units are specifically designed to test only the flange weld and not the whole pipeline by creating a chamber around the weld. Only the chamber is tested, reducing the time required to undertake maintenance or modification work.

Standard Flange Weld Testers are available in sizes ranging between ½” to 12” and are compatible with common pipe schedules and flange configurations up to Class 600. Other units can be custom designed to suit the specific application for higher pressures and pipe sizes. Bespoke applications can also be reviewed.

  • Fast and simple installation and testing
  • Tests various types of flange weld connections, including weld-neck, slip-on, and lap-joint
  • Suitable for use with a range of pipe schedules
  • Minimal water use, less handling and waste
  • Eliminates the need for a full system test
  • Compatible with hydrostatic pressure test kit
Pipe Diameter½”¾”1″1½”2″3″4″6″8″10″12″
Length (overall)200mm200mm200mm300mm300mm350mm350mm420mm420mm450mm450mm
Spanner Sizes4 & 10mm4 & 10mm4 & 10mm15 & 30mm15 & 30mm19 & 55mm19 & 55mm30 & 75mm30 & 75mm46 & 100mm46 & 100mm
Standard Fill Port Connector (male)⅜” BSPP⅜” BSPP⅜” BSPP⅜” BSPP⅜” BSPP⅜” BSPP⅜” BSPP⅜” BSPP⅜” BSPP⅜” BSPP⅜” BSPP
Product Code063509063510063511063513063515063518063522063526063528063530063532

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