Steel Lined Choker Belt

steel lined choker belt is used in pipeline construction of oil and gas field while lifting the pipe or to rotate the pipe while lifting steel lined choker belt is used.

Since provides steel lined choker belt in wide range, from 6″ to 60″, is a preferred solution to purchase steel lined choker belt.
Steel lined choker belt comes with one steel iron head and two fabric slings.
Steel lined choker belt has ability to pull and lift fast thus quick handling of pipe.
Steel lined choker belt has no slippage of pipes and complete protection of pipe and coating.
Steel lined choker belt is easy to use, store and transport.
Choker belt is super heavy duty nylon webbing for increased life and gripping efficiency.
This steel lined choker belt from has ability to roll for quick joint fit up in mainline.
steel lined choker belt is easily repairable in field for longer life.

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