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Stainless steel hoses are a cut above almost every other high temp hose due to the levels of heat that they can withstand. A high temperature duct made of stainless steel can comfortably handle hot air up to 800° F.

Made to resist extreme heat, abrasion and corrosion. Operating temperature is from -40 to +350 deg.. F. and can withstand working pressures up to 1000 PSI.

Advantages of Metal Braided Hoses:

Resistance to high temperatures and low temperatures. High strength and durability. Flexibility ideal for liquids, slurries, and gases. Vibration absorption.

Braid used with corrugated stainless steel hose has two functions. The first is to restrain the hydrostatic end load of the hose under pressure. The second is to restrain the hose from squirming under pressure and stay flexible. The braid basically acts like a “Chinese finger trap” around the hose.

Thermal Insulation

Thermal energy is valuable. Insulon Hose LP is designed with advanced vacuum insulation to help you conserve this valuable resource. Save energy, reduce heat waste, and improve overall efficiency. Download the data sheet to view cryogenic and high-temperature insulation performance data.

Condensation can lead to dripping and mold

Reduce Condensation

Proper thermal insulation helps reduce condensation on the outer surface of the hose. By limiting the accumulation of moisture, Insulon Hose LP helps prevent dripping, frost, corrosion, and the risk of mold growth.

Flexible vacuum insulated hoses with low springback characteristics


Flame Retardant Materials

Insulon Hose LP is built with 316L stainless steel, a naturally flame-retardant material. Insulon Hose LP is engineered for thermal environments from -270°C to 900°C (-454°F to 1652°F). If you need vacuum jacketed tubing for higher temperature applications, please fill out our custom tubing request form.

Fibrous thermal insulation materials are messy, high-maintenance, and difficult to install

Non-Fibrous Insulation

Fibrous insulation materials can be cumbersome to install, inspect, and maintain. They can become compressed over time, reducing their effectiveness as an insulator. They can also release fibers, causing problems with contamination and inhalation. Insulon Hose LP provides a non-fibrous insulation solution for cleanrooms and other sanitary environments.

The right thermal insulation can optimize thermal energy efficiency

Specification Of Large Bore Steel Pipe

  1. Standard:ASME B36.10M /ANSI B36.10M,API,GB,SH,HG,MSS,JIS,DIN ect
  2. 14 inch LSAW steel pipes Thickness: DIN 8mm,JIS 7.9mm,ASME 6.35,7.92,9.52,11.1315.09,12.70,19.05,23.83,27.79,31.75,35.71mm
  3. Thickness Tolerance: ±12.5%
  4. Length: Min 3 Meters,Max12 Meters,or according to customer’s requirement
  5. Ends: Beveled/Straight cut,Plastic or Metal ends protectors
  6. Coating: Black painting/Vanish painting 3PE coated ect
  7. Marking: According to standard or according the client’s requirement
  8. Packing: In bundles or Loose
  9. Certificate: ISO 9001:2008,SGS etc
  10. Capacity: 2000tons/month
  11. Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram
  12. LSAW Large diameter welded carbon steel pipes Usage: Fluid,boiler,hydraulic,gas,oil,chemical fertilizer,structure pipes etc.For low pressure liquid delivery such as water,gas and oil Alpine zone,the sea,the city densely populated areas.

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