Stainless Steel (Welded & Seamless) Pipes

Seamless tubing
By definition, seamless tubes are entirely homogeneous tubes. As a result of these characteristics, seamless tubes are stronger, more resistant to corrosion, and able to handle more pressure than welded tubes. This increases their suitability in demanding situations for vital applications, albeit at a cost.

Welded Tube
Due to a more straightforward manufacturing process, welded tubing is typically less expensive than seamless tubing. Like seamless tubing, it is also easily accessible in long continuous lengths. Both welded and seamless tubing can be made in standard sizes with comparable lead times. If fewer quantities are needed, the expense of seamless tube can be mitigated in smaller manufacturing runs. In contrast, custom-sized seamless tubing is more expensive even if it may be created and supplied more quickly.

304/L • 304/H • 316/L • 316/H • 310/S • 317/L • 321/H • 347/H • Alloy 2.0 • Zeron 100 • Duplex 22.05 • Super Duplex 2507

One of the most adaptable metal alloys utilized in construction and manufacturing is stainless steel tubing. The two most popular varieties of tubing are welded and seamless. The decision between welded and seamless tubes mostly hinges on the product’s application requirements. When deciding between the two, bear in mind that the tubing must, first, adhere to the project’s criteria, and, second, it must satisfy the usage requirements.

Seamless tubing


  1. Stronger
  2. superior resistance to corrosion
  3. greater resistance to pressure


  1. Control lines for gas and oil
  2. lines for injecting chemicals
  3. Submarine safety valves
  4. bundles of steam and heat traces from chemical manufacturing plants
  5. Transfer of fluids and gases

A welded stainless steel tube is created by rolling stainless steel sheets or strips into a tube shape, then longitudinally welding the seam. Cold forming and hot forming techniques can both be used to create welded tubing. Cold forming produces better finishes and closer tolerances than hot forming. The steel tubes produced by each technique are resilient, robust, and corrosion-resistant. The seam might be forgone altogether or further processed using cold rolling and forging techniques. For a finer weld seam with superior surface finishes and tighter tolerances, the welded tube can also be drawn similarly to seamless tubing.

Welded Tube


  1. Cost-efficient
  2. often accessible in substantial lengths
  3. speedy lead times


  1. applications in architecture
  2. Needles for hypodermics
  3. Food and beverage industry Automotive industry
  4. Pharmaceutical industry Marine industry

Size: 1/4”to 24” All schedules available.


Different variants

  1.  Stainless Steel Pipes Supplier

  2.  Stainless Steel 304/ 304L/ 304H Pipes Supplier

  3.  Stainless Steel 309 Pipes Supplier

  4. Stainless Steel 310/ 310S/ 310H Pipes Supplier

  5.  Stainless Steel 316/ 316L/ 316H Pipes Supplier

  6.  Stainless Steel 316TI Pipes Supplier

  7.  Stainless Steel 317/ 317L Pipes Supplier

  8.  Stainless Steel 321 Pipes Supplier

  9.  Stainless Steel 347/ 347H Pipes Supplier

  10.  Stainless Steel 904L Pipes Supplier

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